Bitdefender Box 2

Imagine your child’s smart toy or device had a mind of its own. What if your child’s every move was recorded and monitored by a stranger? You can then consider your smart home breached, due to inadequate or no cyber protection.

These worries keep parents awake at night. However, Bitdefender Box 2 holds the key to securing your home and family against cyber-threats.

Bitdefender Box 2 is an advanced cyber-security device for your home. Designed to keep your family’s online presence secure at all times; whether at home or remotely when you are on the go. It includes multi-layered cyber-security protection to keep PCs, Macs and all IOS or Android devices safe from malicious threats. A user-friendly central console and mobile app makes it easy to manage all linked devices from a single dashboard. Simply download and install the respective IOS or Android App on your device.

How does it work?

Bitdefender Box 2 is configured using your wireless router. The box filters all incoming and outgoing traffic, thereby blocking access to malware that may harm your network. Any phishing websites and attempts at fraudulent interactions will be detected and blocked from collecting your personal data such as passwords, banking and credit card details.

Bitdefender Box 2 secures your entire Wi-Fi network and, importantly, devices not able to run anti-virus programs are now also secured. Added VPN has also been added for extra privacy. The high-performance hardware and award-winning technology enables lightning-fast connectivity.

Special parenting feature

Bitdefender Box 2 offers complete parental control, allowing you to manage access to inappropriate websites, gaming or social media apps. This can be done by installing the parental control feature on your child’s device. Once configured, Parental Control monitors your child’s online activity and records all activity over a 24-hour period. You now have the ability to monitor screen time and to be fully aware of their vulnerability with regards to online predators and cyber-bullying.

Bitdefender Box 2, is in essence, all you need to secure your online cyber-life. You can now work, play and study with complete peace of mind.

For more information click on the link to watch the video

By Ashil Maharaj (Bitdefender Technical Support Engineer) Cyber Security South Africa (


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