ZeroFOX, a leading provider of digital risk protection services, has confirmed that it is bringing its highly intelligent, rapidly evolving and intuitive cybersecurity platform to the local market. 

Designed to protect critical digital assets across the public attack surface, the platform improves the organisation’s ability to predict, prevent, detect and respond to issues in the prevailing threat landscape. The company provides organisations with a holistic solution that pulls scalable and advanced analytics together with deep threat intelligence, human expertise, and streamlined remediation and takedown capabilities.  ZeroFOX is a digital leader in the Digital Risk Protection (DRP) arena, meeting a very real need for the enterprise that’s focusing on holistic security that meets the needs of the business of today.

“ZeroFOX addresses a growing problem – protecting the enterprise’s public attack surface,” explains Gabe Goldhirsh, VP MEA, ZeroFOX. “In the current open, digital-first business world, attackers have access to customers, employees and stakeholders, so it is critical to have a solution that can protect this digital footprint outside of traditional boundaries and security controls. This is what ZeroFOX focuses on – protecting your organisation’s widening digital footprint, efficiently,” he elaborates.

The challenge facing most organisations today is that the threat surface is expanding along with changing working models introduced by digital transformation and the global pandemic. It requires a significantly different approach to the traditional defence-in-depth security stack with highly capable analytic scale and automation. Security platforms have to leverage the capabilities of cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), managed services, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation to fully monitor and protect the business.

“A full security ecosystem also needs to pull in human intelligence and expertise to ensure that the technology and the security come together into a highly efficient response mechanism with relevant processes,” adds Goldhirsh. “Many local markets are leapfrogging slower, evolving markets and are rapidly adopting mobile and cloud-based solutions that present less secure attack avenues for bad actors. It’s become essential that companies across Africa have the right tools at hand that allow them to remain protected, compliant and capable of operating with peace of mind.”

ZeroFOX stands out for bringing its holistic solution that blends scalable and advanced analytics with deep threat intelligence, tradecraft, human expertise, and streamlined remediation and takedown capabilities to deliver an unmatched security experience to the business. The company has a stable and proven global footprint, performing more than 150, 000 domain and social account takedowns per quarter.

“We partner with our customers, using a managed service approach that encompasses onboarding, training, and ongoing support,” stresses Goldhirsh. “We don’t just sell a product or a technology, we build relationships and ecosystems that work for your unique business requirements.”

DRP is an essential operational process that stops the bleeding caused by external threats. Supporting a wide range of use cases, the ZeroFOX platform is set to continue its rapid growth and evolution alongside its increasing reliance on digital services and platforms beyond the corporate network. Consisting of integrated collection, curation and mitigation in one cohesive process, the ZeroFOX DRP levels the playing field for security teams and their ongoing battle with external threats.

“We’re thrilled to engage in this partnership with ZeroFOX, bringing its DRP and relevant threat intelligence to the local market. Together, we bring collaborative expertise that ensures our customers experience rapid deployments, reduced costs, greater protection and improved security compliance,” concludes Toni Bowker from CSSA.

March 2021.


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