Cyber Security Africa Distribution (CSAD) and Cyber Security South Africa (CSSA) have been appointed as distributors of Thales access management and data protection solutions across the African continent.

CSAD and CSSA are sister companies dedicated in the distribution of high-end digital security products/solutions. CSSA focuses on South Africa and CSAD covers the rest of the African continent.

CSAD and CSSA are well-placed to grow the Thales brand in Africa. With a well-established network of resellers in Africa, coupled with a focused and experienced support team and systems, CSAD and CSSA will leverage their capacity and capabilities in a drive to offer Thales technology to African entities.

“At CSAD, we are focused on making industry leading security solutions accessible to the African market and to effectively address the increasing dynamic customer needs for advanced security solutions,” says Martin Britz, CEO of CSAD. “Our appointment as a Thales distributor enriches our product portfolio and allows us to offer our resellers a comprehensive solution which will accelerate Africa’s adoption of cloud and digital transformation more securely.”

Toni Bowker, MD of CSSA, says that the partnership is based on a number of factors that include a commonality in the desire to reduce client risk as well as a desire to increase cyber-security technology accessibility throughout the continent.

“We are proud to represent the Thales access management and data protection portfolio, to bring trusted security portfolios to our partners and to increasingly play a role in the digital security of the African continent,” says Bowker.

Neil Cosser, country manager for Africa, says: “With the high demand from sub-Saharan African markets for data protection and access management solutions, we needed to enhance the support and investment from our distributors to accelerate our current growth whilst continuing our work to educate businesses on how best to protect what matters most: their data. The proactivity, great technical team and strong relationships CSAD and CSSA have with their resellers makes them the preferred partners. Working together, we’re confident that we will maximise opportunities to help organisations achieve their data protection objectives in line with the changing requirements.”

March 2021.


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