Bitdefender BOX 2 boasts an advanced parental control solution that lets parents easily manage the time their children spend on the internet each day, alerting parents to inappropriate photo requests, calls for meetings outside the house and suspicious demands for private information. Launched in early November, Bitdefender BOX 2 is a smart security hub that protects all internet-connected devices in the user’s connected home (unlimited devices) or when on the go.

“Bitdefender BOX 2 provides efficient and intuitive tools to manage daily internet time, set content filters by age categories or pause internet access altogether for precious family time. It offers the possibility of creating separate profiles for each member of the family and if you wish to control the time spent online by your child, you can easily do that from the Bitdefender Central app,” says Simon Campbell-Young of Cyber Security South Africa (CSSA) – the local Bitdefender Country Partner.

“Installation of the app is quick and easy. To install the Bitdefender Parental Control application on Android, parents simply visit Google Play Store and/or the App Store, search for the application ‘Bitdefender Parental Control’ and download the app. Once installed, you can open the application and log in to your Bitdefender Central account so the device can be registered under your child’s profile,” says Campbell-Young.

“To install the Bitdefender Parental Control feature on Mac and/or Windows, simply install Bitdefender Total Security on the device, then visit your Bitdefender Central account, select the Parental Control tab on the left panel, create your child’s profile and select the device from the list. Once the device is selected, a silent install command will be sent to it and the Parental Control function will be visible in the Bitdefender Privacy tab,” he adds.

The ‘detection of cyberbullying’ feature in Bitdefender Parental Control uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan online conversations for potential bullying, verbal attacks, requests for meetings from strangers, and disclosure of personal information such as a personal address or credit card details. “Parents can use the tool to keep an eye on the images their child receives or sends. When something suspicious happens, we’ll flag it for you in Bitdefender Central. One of the great things about Bitdefender Parental Control is that, even if conversations are scanned two hours after the last message, pictures will be scanned instantly and blocked if they are inappropriate,” says Campbell-Young.

Similarly, the ‘detection of online predators’ function will analyse a child’s English-language conversations and notify the parent of any suspicious activity. This feature will scan the entire conversation two hours after the last message was sent so Parental Control can see the context of the conversation.

“Another great benefit is that, since the Parental Control application works locally, there’s no need to manually link it to your child’s social media accounts. All you need to do is grant the Parental Control the necessary permissions to the messaging applications your child uses. Bitdefender Parental Control is an essential tool in any parent’s arsenal to help keep their children safe from predators and cyber bullies,” says Campbell-Young.

Bitdefender BOX 2 is a subscription-based product and the first purchase includes a one-year subscription that allows installation of Bitdefender BOX 2 onto an unlimited number of devices. After the first year, the subscription costs approximately R1600 a year. Bitdefender BOX 2 is available from our existing resellers and retailers countrywide. Get yours online at

Nov 2020.


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